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We are
Crafted Home New York: a full-service custom home improvement design/build remodeling contractor, based in Manhattan, New York City, and Long Island, NY.

We specialize in
• Accurate and Firm Estimates
• Brownstone & Townhouse Gut Renovations
• Combining Apartments or Floors
• Kitchen, Bath & Apartment Remodeling
• Fine Cabinetry, Built-Ins & Custom Furniture
• Entertainment & Audio-Video Rooms
• Landmark Co-Op / Condo Renovations
• Complete Plumbing, Electric & HVAC
• In-House Design Services
• All Work Under Single Management

We serve
Manhattan, all boroughs of New York City, Long Island including Nassau and Suffolk, and the Metro NY areas of Westchester and New Jersey

NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs License #1334345
EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm
Call us at 212-391-9700 or Email

'Talk of the Town' Award Winner 2012 & 13
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"Best of Local Business" - 2008, 09, 10, & 2011 New York Awards

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Apartment Remodeling and Re-Construction in Manhattan

New York City remodeling and renovations are a special breed...
much more complex than if you were doing the same work in a private house

Virtually all city apartments, whether in brownstones, pre-war co-ops, or new condos have space limitations or unusual shapes. The locations of building wiring, plumbing, structural elements, and other fixed features often pose design challenges.

Creative and sophisticated thinking, combined with in-depth knowledge of city codes and building regulations, are essential to solving these challenges and designing to the maximum potential of your space.

The first decision you may have to make is whether to hire an architect. In general, if you plan to make an addition to the building, or alter or relocate structural elements such as beams or supporting walls, you will have to obtain architectural plans. These will then be filed with the Department of Buildings (DoB) to obtain a building permit. Major relocations of gas lines or building plumbing also require permits.

If the alteration is less severe and does not require architectural plans, a properly licensed contractor can do the filing for you. If you are simply remodeling without changing the locations of gas lines, plumbing, or any structural elements, then you won't need to file with the DoB.

Most apartment renovations do not require filing with the DoB. But in all cases, your contractor must provide you with insurance coverage, a written job description and contract, and any other documentation that your building may require.

A design/build firm such as ours has the skilled professionals to do everything you need in-house, from planning and design, construction, installation, and finishing of all details.

For your own enjoyment, and also for re-sale value, the most important room to remodel is your kitchen. More and more, the kitchen is becoming the focus for gatherings of friends and family. If you are only planning to remodel your kitchen, you can jump ahead to our "Kitchens" page for a complete description of that renovation process.

The second most significant room to remodel is your bathroom. The process is fairly similar to a kitchen renovation except, instead of appliances, more plumbing is required. As with the kitchen, you will need to select the items to be installed before the work can begin. For all your selections, we make your shopping easy, informative, and complete.

Don't overlook the added value of custom built-ins in other rooms of your home. Think for a moment about some exquisite homes you may have seen. The traditional ones have wainscot paneling, fine wood bookcases and furniture, coffered ceilings, and other built-ins that make these homes so elegant and valuable.

Contemporary homes are best enhanced by a careful selection of materials, stains, paint colors, and finishes to create richness with minimal decor.

Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, or in-between, value always shows in the quality and finishes of the materials you choose. To assure your complete satisfaction, we do all the specifying in-house and we carry though on the fabrication, delivery, and final details of installation on all the custom products you would like.

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